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    The tailor—made catalogue for the savvy bride.

    Bridalog is an online Bridal Catalogue, with a complimentary timeline web-app to keep track of your wedding planning progress. We collaborated with its founder in every part of the process: from business model to design and implementation.
    A tailor-made project for a savvy client
    Bridalog's founder approached RAIDHO with no more than an idea: to make a perfect bridal catalogue for an upscale audience. From elaborating an initial business idea, to developing the whole online catalogue (along with a complimentary web-app), this project let us involve in every pice of the startup foundation, along with our client.
    We had the chance to hire our dear friends from Restate Media for some consulting on business idea and user stories, resulting in a rich initial brief for us to develop user experience, interfaces and identity design.
    While the initial planning, branding, architecture and web design happened in-house, we collaborated with mexican coder Jesús León for the backend development. He got involved from an early stage, so he gave us regular feedback in every step of the process.
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