Branding for shopping mall 購物商城品牌建置提案 | The Venew

  • Naming of “The Venew” - a famous shopping center for people to meet up and consume. 
    "venew" an archaic spelling of venue, but for us it becomes a new urban word and really means to it.
    "The" represents " the one and only".
    "Ve-" pronounce alike "We".
    "New" stands for "fresh" and "fashionable".
    The Nenew conveies its unique, anticipates the trend, and becomes a venue for people hanging out, dating and shopping. 
  • Concept of Logo design = Spotlight + Cross Road + Happiness
    Spotlight - two spotlights assemble to the center where is the most eye catching and outstanding.
    Crossroad - An important field of transportation. "The Venew" locates at the traffic center of the city.
    Happiness - A place contains happiness and entertainments.
  • Logo studies
  • Logo's variety - regular and golden version. The golden identity which presents its elegant style of arrangement would be used as the further high-class promotion.
  • Stationaries and VIP cards
  • Signs and direction guides.
  • Smiling Version - The shape of logo mark that looks like a smiling mouth filled in different patterns in order to promote different events or activities.
  • Shopping bag design for specific events or promotional activites.
  • flags for specific events or promotional activites.
  • Bus sticker
  • Website
  • Posters
  • Logo animation.