• Blokk

  • Blokk pro­vides full archi­tec­ture and inte­rior design ser­vices. We cre­ated their iden­tity and wanted to reflect their phi­los­o­phy on embrac­ing open­ness, a straight­for­ward atti­tude and clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion with their clients. With a bold word mark as a base, we wanted to inves­ti­gate how typog­ra­phy could trans­late into archi­tec­tonic shapes and land­scapes. Cre­at­ing a ref­er­ence to light and shad­ows hit­ting the sur­face, and how the rela­tion­ship between typog­ra­phy and printed mate­r­ial cre­ated hints to land­scapes and archi­tec­tural compositions.