BioCluster — Intranet

  • Cluster de Biotecnología de Nuevo León.
    BioCluster is a catalyst for Biotechnology projects and research in Monterrey, México. It's main role is to orchestrate efforts by Academy, Industry and Government for the development of innovative and relevant biotech based products, or solutions to industrial processes. 
    We were commissioned to come up with a custom, highly capable intranet tool for their private use. The main goal for the new tool was to improve how the various members communicate and collaborate in different research projects.
    The Intranet efficiently runs three main features:

    – On-demand access for specific international research papers, compiled into a private library. 
    – Discussion through internal forums, where external experts team up with cluster members for debate and problem solving.
    – Open-innovation collaboration, through a custom built tool that mimics (and considerably improves) a classic methodology employed by cluster members to solve major research problems, or trigger new research topics.
    The final product eradicates a formerly analog and tedious process:  promoting an engaging online community for cluster members, and a healthy environment for open innovation.

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