BLANDITO. Transformable pad for lazy living

Created: 08/26/10
Last Edited: 08/08/14
Blandito is a multifunctional pad, able to transform itself easily under the hands of adults and kids.
Convertible in rug, armchair, bean-bag or sleeping bag, it can assume a lot of shapes, maximizing the user’s fun and comfort.
  • Blandito
    the story of a prototype
  • blandito® comes from an idea. An idea and a few means: a fabric stockist, a do-it-yourself shop, an ironmongery, a sewing machine, a hammer, 2 sprays, a garden hose, 2 foam sheets, 20 eyelets, 8 kg of  polyester staple fiber, 4 tapestry wooden balls, 2 m of elastic cord, a lot of patience, fantasy, enthusiasm and sleepless nights.
    This is blandito.

    From a chat about the traditional living room, arose the idea to completely redesign the sofa morphology. Immediately a lot of sketches, thoughts, questions: if this sofa had no legs? Neither arms, nor back? If it was a big pillow? And if this pillow could be folded, wrapped, twisted as much as you like? And if it was 360° useful?

    Here the result. From the concept, to the product.
    Stop motion project by:
    Art direction: Ilaria Pacini
    Photography: Ilaria Pacini, Arianna Petrakis
    Photo Manipulation and Video Editing: Ilaria Pacini
    Sound Editing: Arianna Petrakis, Gloria Pizzilli

    Audio from Mio Mao by Misseri Studio and Mad Mouse Movies
    After a series of studying prototypes, blandito® became a limited production.
    Any time you need a break, snooze or a little bit of sweet idleness, blandito® fits your body hugging it, yet retaining its shape and nature.
    blandito® contains a flexible frame, making it soft and malleable.
    Photography by Luca Nelli

     If you are interested in contacting us regarding our availability, you may reach us at:

    If you want to see how Blandito evolved take a look at
    Thank you for your attention!

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