BEM by Yandex

  • BEM
    A new way of thinking for web interface development
  • BEM, a toolkit devised and used at Yandex (Russian Internet company which operates the largest search engine in Russia) , stands for “Block”, “Element”, “Modifier”. BEM is a front-end methodology: a new way of thinking for web interface development.

    The Challenge
    The brief to Flëve was to create a flexible brand identity that is easily adaptable to different contexts and has an identity that both a developer and a designer can identify with. Make sure that it's not logocentric and doesn’t create a corporate feel.

    The Solution
    Take 'b_' from the code, namely b_ _e_m and make it the main style-forming element.

    Design b_ in different styles to make it easily adaptable to different contexts and appealing to different target audiences.

    Use and integrate the code in the designs to attract developers as the main users of the methodology.

    Essentially, to create a new expression of the identity, take 'b_' designed in a certain style, make a pattern out of it and apply it accordingly throughout the whole identity. In this way, each 'b_' dictates the overall look and feel of the identity.

    The Result
    A highly flexible and variable identity with 'b_' playing the role of a powerful style-forming element.