• Aquinetix
    transforming aquaculture
  • Aquinetix is a fresh new company that aims to change the way aquaculture is practiced today. It brings the first application for the management of aquaculture farms using mobile devices and cloud technologies.

    I was assigned to design the Aquinetix logo, the landing page and the explanatory video for the landing page.

    The Logo
    The Aquinetix Logo is dynamic, versatile and playful. It can be used in full color, two color or single color versions depending on the purpose of use. The logo consists of the typography and the symbol. The symbol is multipurpose. It can be used with or without the type. It is easy to read and recognize even in small sizes. It’s clever design makes it perfect for worldwide use.

    The Symbol
    The Sea Cube symbol is a 3d glass cube with the sea and the sky inside. It is a representation of the closed sea environments of aquaculture farms, and in the same time it is a box, where all aquaculture farming data are stored in. It displays simultaneously both the focus point of Aquinetix company and the idea behind the revolutionary Aquinetix application.

    The ID Aqua Font is a custom made typeface designed specificly for Aquinetix. It is a sans serif circle geometric font. The word Aquinetix is spelled with uppercase letters except the e wich is lowercase. The overall display is very dynamic and fluid in the same time. The typeface used for the taglines is Myriad Pro Semi Extended Italic.

    The Video
    The video uses simple illustrations to explain the main features of the application as well as the changes to the current methods used in aquaculture.

    Credits for the video:
    Illustrations/Animation: Kostas Bartsokas
    Text: Aquinetix Team
    Music: Iliana Christaki
    Voice: Sol Saltiel 


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