Anthon B Nilsen

  • Anthon B Nilsen

    Annual report
  • Annual report for Anthon B Nilsen, an over 100 years old company that operates in the fields of property, education and recycling. What a man carry in his pockets can tell a lot about a person, and Anton B Nilsens largest resource is their employees the individuals behind the scene. Documenting the company from the inside by showing their emplyees belongings, rather than just their faces, we learn to know the company at a personal level. Print finishing includes black foil blocking and three types of paper stock. Art direction and design in collaboration with Martine Holmsen and Berit Bakkerud at Plastelina. Photography by Mathias Fossum.
  • On the cover we used foil block on textured paper
  • Instead of showing the faces of the employees, we show their belongings. This from one of the janitors.
  • The last section (financial report) was printed on yellow stock paper with only black ink.