• Amuletto

    The Client
    Amuletto designs luxury jewerly with a big emphasis in esoteric motives and some kind of Wanderlust inspiration.
    The Problem
    Their brand was without position in the market, without a communication tone, and associated to a charm symbol for luck in celtic culture. 
    The Solution
    ¿Why pick a charm from another culture if you can create your own? We decided to break up with the club, their past symbol, and create focus more on the word Amuletto. At the same time we created their own symbolos inspired in the names of their jewerly collections and the celitc rune tradition.
    The Details
    We done an Art Direction work for the photography making an association with the symbolos with a different kind of models. Also we created a serie of pictograms in the same "esoteric" way for their different type of jewerly.
    Project done at Cero Design
    Art Direction with Dora Sicart
    Photography: Alejandro Brito
    Models: Berta Models
    Programming: Cero
    Video: Black Media
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