Alfa Giulietta - Interactive Kiosk

Created: 04/09/11
Last Edited: 02/14/13
I worked as art director and Interaction designer on this project for the launch of Alfa Romeo Giulietta. This is an interface for 220 Interactive totem all around Italy positioned in the Alfa Romeo dealers.
All the interface is controlled by a knob trought Arduino. By the Knob rotation and pressure, users are able to browse and select all the contents.

There are 2 different areas:

/ / The car configurator
/ / The discovery area

The project was made in LBi Italy
  • The home page has different layers from the already existing Mito's world to the new Giulietta's world.
    Here is shown the entering animation to the Giulietta's world
  • Totem interface - Homepage
    Users can choose the Giulietta or Mito's world where to discover and coonfigure the car.
  • Giulietta's car configurator 
    Step 02. Color selection
  • Giulietta's car configurator 
    Step 05. Summary Frontal view
  • Navigation bar - details
  • Giulietta's car configurator 
    Step 05. Summary - Engine views
  • Giulietta's car configurator 
    Step 05. Summary  - Xray views
  • Discovery area 
    D.N.A. Content
  • The real kiosk 

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