Adobe Photoshop Metal Tshirt

Created: 07/04/13
Last Edited: 08/24/13
Heavy metal Adobe Photoshop shirt designed for the San Diego Comic Con.
  • I was approached by my friends at Adobe to get some input on a tshirt design they wanted to do for the San Diego Comic Convention. They wanted a little limited edition thing to give out to people who dropped by their booth, but something a bit more interesting than just the Photoshop logo. Something people would want to wear with pride.
    So my kneejerk, knuckle-headed response was “We should make an ’80s metal shirt!” and to my complete surprise they jumped at the idea. The only reason I blurted that out in the first place is because I wanted that shirt for myself. After I stopped laughing I got right to it. Chrome text, fist, red brush text… this design got it all. Tour tshirts always have the tour dates listed on the back, so for this one I listed all the dates of Photoshop’s major version releases and the actual codenames. So nerdy, man.
    See more about this project and the tshirt's availability on the blog.

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