A Lasting Impression

  • “Whether you are gifting, serving or entertaining with Johnnie Walker this holiday season, you are sure to make a lasting impression.” This year we were faced with the difficult task of organizing multiple holiday initiatives into an integrated experience. The program stretched across several different channels including packaging design, HTML emails, direct mail and a full modular site build.
  • Users could zoom out of any module and see all the modules in the website, navigating in a very visual manner.
  • Engraving Locator Module
  • Gifting Suggestion Module
  • Blends Overview Module
  • Hosting Tips and Toasts Module
  • Recipes Module
  • Personalized Labels Module
  • Private Tasting Module - Instructional Videos
  • Private Tasting Module - Tasting Kit Overview
  • Private Tasting Module - Tasting Kit Detail
  • Private Tasting Module - Free Downloads
  • Private Tasting Module - Tasting Invitations
  • Snifter Order Page
  • Snifter Order Forms
  • Snifter Packaging - Photography to Come
  • All Foil Mailer - Photography to Come
  • Email Promoting Holiday Tastings
  • General Message Holiday Email
  • Email Promoting Snifter
  • Art Direction & Design: Zach McCullough
    Copy: Joe Nagle
    Web Development: Julio Vargas