Kinner Italia Fall / Winter '12 website

  • Kinner Italia Fall / Winter '12 website

  • The Kinner Italia brand has been around since 1981. It origins from Montebelluna, Italy and has deep roots in Italian rugby and extreme sports. Today, Kinner Italia’s shoes are based around The new Italian Logic: untamable, original, fashionable and victorious with a hint of the brands rugby heritage.

    Kinner Italia is not a brand that likes to talk on and on. So we took three words: original, fashionable & victorious and used them as the guiding principle of this site. They form the backbone of the design and, like an unspoken mantra these words are present throughout the site. You feel them in choice of photography, colour and form.

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    Kinner Italia
    Made while working at Premium Inc

    What SuperBruut did
    Visual design

    Creative Direction
    André Bouwman

    Development & animation
    Oskar Sundberg

    Ingmar Swalue