Catalan wines

  • Catalan wines
    A self initiated project by toormix for the promotion of the Catalan wines.
  • Branding, graphic and communication code for a catalan wines promotion project for the domestic and international audience. A project that aims to improve the consumption and the presence of the local wines at catalan cellars and restaurants. The brand with 12 different variations (as many as wine designations of origin in Catalonia) and the synthetic graphical combine land, terroir and climate of the different D.O. through a graphical code different from the typical wine code. Within the project we worked on the brand extension for communication to the point of sale (restaurants and wineries), magazines with opinion leaders quotes about catalan wines and the different support and merchandising materials.
  • Creative concept:
    Brand concept based in the territory and climate:
  • Icon development based in different climate and territory parametres:
  • Brand construction process:
  • The brand:
  • Different brand variations in english and catalan:
  • This project was published for first time on issue 105's ICON magazine. Then we've added new pieces and redesigned some graphics.

  • Color palette:
  • Graphic concept for the applications: 
    The construction is based on the geographical shape of the territory
  • Stationery:
  • Poster collection that explain the characteristics of each of Designation of Origin in Catalonia (12 posters).
  • Packaging:
    Graphic label used to easy identify catalan wines inside cellars.
  • Posters for the cellars and ads with phrases made by celebrtities and wine professionals:
  • And finally, some merchandising products:
  • This project was then presented on the Behance Portfolio Reviews in Barcelona last june'2012.