/// MTV - Serbia got Pranked /// CASE

  • MTV - Serbia got Pranked
  • Client: MTV
  • Task
    Promotion of MTV Pranked show, a 30-minute program that showcases homemadepranks filmed by youngsters.

  • Idea
    A young man was left duct - taped to a pillar in the center of Serbian capital city Belgrade, as if it was a result of a last night’s prank.

  • Results

    Shocked passers-by spread the campaign through social media within only a couple of hours.All national web portals, newspapers and (competitive) TV stations reported about the “living ambient”, generating around 100 000 euros media coverage. For only 50 euros invested in production and 0 euros for the media, following “Pranked” weekend had the highest ratings in the history of MTV Serbia.

  • McCann Erickson Beograd
    Creative: Carlito Savic
    Creative support: Marko Prokic, Bojan Babic, Slobodan Marković
    Creative Directors: Vladimir Cosic, Jana Savic Rastovac
    Accounts: Milos Stankovic Munja, Dragana Stankovic
    Production support: Le Spot